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RTI GAP Insurance

We'll top up your insurance claim by up to £50,000 if your car is written off

gap cover

MB&G Direct offers RTI GAP insurance that helps ensure you aren't left out of pocket if your car is written off. 

When there's an accident or theft that results in a 'total loss claim', most motor insurers will only pay out the current market value of your car. Vehicles depreciate fast, so this can leave you in negative equity, without enough to pay off your car finance — let alone buy a replacement car.

But if you take out return to invoice GAP insurance with MB&G Direct, we'll top up your settlement to match the amount outstanding on your loan or the price you originally paid for your car (subject to terms). 

Guaranteed asset protection gives peace of mind that you won't be left paying for a car you don't own, or unable to finance a new vehicle, should your car be written off. Contact us for your no-obligation quote, and don't forget to look into our car warranties, tyre insurance and breakdown cover, too.

ProductWaiting PeriodMaximum Age of VehicleMaximum MileageMaximum Engine SizeClaims LimitDownloads
GAP (RTI and AVG)ImmediateUnlimitedUnlimitedN/A£50,000*SummaryPolicy